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Mobile Sheets for Recording Engineers
As a recording engineer, I have started to use score readers during recording sessions to make take notes.  I would like to see some rather specialized additions for my process. 

Sessions are generally centered around multiple takes, although takes do not always include all measure.

Here's how I would see using it:

At the start of a particular take, I would start a timer so that I could tap a measure as it went by, circling a problem note as I noticed them.
On the next take, all of the previous annotations would be present and I would start a new timer, tapping measures as they went by and again circling problem notes this time checking off successful corrections.
When reviewing the session, I could view individual take layers and by selecting a time code, be taken to the measure I tapped at that time.

I know this sounds vague, but I would be happy to expand on the details or clarify - as well as receive feedback on the concept.

There would be a shift in this mode from someone following the music while playing to someone studying it against someone else playing it (or a recording.)

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Mobile Sheets for Recording Engineers - by ChrisBoBmms - 10-10-2020, 10:00 AM

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