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Batch Import Improvements: Performance + Tag Preview

I have been using the android app for the better part of two years now after I stopped developing my own sheet reader app.
The deciding factor in purchasing the app was definitely the batch import feature with its auto-tagging support. After I restructured my Google Drive folder, I could import everything perfectly with one click on each of multiple tablets, which was a MASSIVE relief.

However, when I add new pieces to the drive folder, I have to either:
  • re-import the whole folder with the same auto-tagging settings, which takes a while, but works thanks to the duplicate elimination of the batch import
  • or import only the folder(s) which contain(s) the new piece(s), while changing the auto-tagging settings. This becomes especially tedious when I added multiple pieces to the folder.
What I would like to see is an accelerated version of the first method. If I understand it correctly, the duplicate elimination only comes into effect AFTER the PDF is downloaded and processed. A possible improvement could be to "simply" match filenames or paths against already imported ones (probably optional).
I assume this feature isn't specific to batch imports from the cloud, but from a local folder as well.

The other improvement to the "batch import" screen would be a preview of the tags for the selected folder. I often get confused whether the auto-tagging sequence includes the selected folder level or not.
Example: My folder structure is Main Folder -> Composer -> Piece -> Ensemble -> [PDF files]
When I want to import only a new composer, I select the composer folder, but am not 100% sure whether my tagging pattern is %COMPOSER% / %PIECE% / %GROUP% or just %PIECE% / %GROUP%.
When I'm wrong, I have to manually re-tag  the stuff I imported, or delete it manually and re-import.

It would help my brain a lot if there was some sort of preview available, which showed the would-be-tags of a single to-be-imported Piece/File.

I like to think that my workflow of using a cloud/local folder, which is updated somewhat frequently, is common among users of this app, and that the tag preview would be a small improvement that can save a lot of frustration.

In any case, keep doing what you're doing, I really love both the app (best I've used, and I tried MANY), as well as the communication with the users on this forum!

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Batch Import Improvements: Performance + Tag Preview - by 4cello - 10-14-2020, 11:05 PM

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