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Search for song by text inside pdf
(10-24-2020, 04:52 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I haven't added support for searching through PDF text content. In some PDF files, the text is represented as actual text, but in other PDFs, the page is just an image, and I can't extract text from an image (without performing OCR which I don't plan on supporting anytime soon). The other issue is that searching through the text of every PDF in the library can be incredibly slow. It involves having to open every single file in the library, search through every page of the file, then close the file and release all the resources. If you have thousands of PDFs, it could take a very long time to open every file and search through the contents. Having said that, I am going to look into supporting this when time allows.


Thank you for your response.
Having been inside of PDFs I know about images vs text.  I would not expect the image ones to work, it is just that my library is mostly converted from doc files so they are textual.
   It could take lots of time from my point of view since searching manually through many files would take longer. (I was creating a setlist so I had time.)
I'm having great success making setlists using one multipage PDF using snippits -- I bet searching one file would be faster.
   Anyway, love your program.

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