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Working with stamps
(03-16-2021, 10:51 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: If I only have one window, something is certainly lost by doing this. It means users don't have a way to change a setting in the popup and have it quickly dismissed. They will always have to move their hand to the top right of the popup to hit the X if they want to dismiss it versus just tapping away after changing the stamp settings. Given how tall the window is, this is certainly tedious if you want to make a change, dismiss the window, make another change, and continue. I would like to hear more input from users on opinions on how this should all be handled. It seems to me that just having an icon you can tap on the dropdown to display it as a popup means nothing is lost and you have exactly what you are asking for, other than having to tap an extra icon if you want to access the popup without going through the radial menu. I'll have to think on this some more but I hope other users who use stamps a lot can chime in with their opinions.

Another option that comes to mind is long pressing the stamp icon in the toolbar to display the popup. That provides quick access as well without eliminating the dropdown option.


I was only agreeing with your idea stated in your first reply and the:

"The other thing I'm considering is only having one version of the stamps popup (so the toolbar will just display the same window as the radial menu), but the preview at the top will become collapseable along with the settings at the bottom so that you can still access those if needed, but they will be hidden to reduce the window height otherwise."

I hear what you are saying about having to click the x to close the window as an extra step but if you think about it with the pulldown you still need to click ouside it to close it so it's not really much different.
The long press for the popup is also a good idea and probably what I would rather use so that the stamps are available all the time with the one column format until I decide to close them away.
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