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Instrument fingering schemes on the score
(03-16-2021, 08:52 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I do not currently support custom fonts for inserting stamps/notes. This is something I'm going to consider adding in the future, but the tricky part is that I will have to dynamically figure out what characters are valid in the font and show these to the user in a grid so they can pick from the available characters in the font. If it's a unicode font, it can support a massive amount of characters, so having the ability to limit it to only a range of valid characters is essential (I don't know how feasible that is). The other way to handle this is to require the user to enter the characters they want to use for the font, but this can become incredibly complex and/or tedious depending on the font (i.e. having to enter codes like U+0080 or extended ASCII character codes). 

A workaround is take your font and either extract some of the characters as an image or as a vector graphics file. For example, you could use Inkscape, insert a character/symbol from your font and then save that as a .svg file. Then rinse and repeat for each character, and you'll have a series of .svg files you can import into MobileSheets. 

I'm also considering adding support for custom fonts when entering text in the future, but this will present a new list of challenges. When entering text from a music font like the one you've listed, it may not be possible to just type in the character you need, so I'm not sure that will work very well as a text annotation.


Thank you for your reply. 
I just recently downloaded the font and I found out they already have shortcuts available, as shown in this youtube video: https://youtu.be/SodP34pU4iI
Another problem would be that it is very difficult if not impossible to import ttf in android without rooting the device.
Maybe, this problem can be circumvented by adding some feature in Mobilesheets Companion in Windows, since its very easy to import ttf in Windows? 
In the main time, I will explore the way of transforming the ttf to a svg using Inkscape. Is there a list of file formats one can import in MobilesheetsPro?
Thanks again,

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