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Switch Library needs to change ALL settings
Wow. I've never gotten so many comments so fast on ANY program ever (and I used to repair Vic20's and C64's when they were new!).

I think I've figured out a solution, and I feel kind of stupid for it being the absolute simplest.
I purchased MS for church and a different purchase for home (see where this is going?).

Since I, like most people now, do a lot of work from home, I wanted to keep it all separate.
So what I'm trying, and this seems to be working, is to put my storage at home on my drive like I want.
Church remains on the Dropbox (for now).

When I get my setlist and all done at home, I'll do like I've been doing and Share it with all files and folders to the Dropbox.
Then import at church on Sunday morning.

I'll just have to add the extra step of deleting the church files from my Jazz folder at a later time. Or maybe just play them at the restaurants. They'll never know!  Tongue

I think it would still be an awesome feature to have the Libraries keep separate info, but I think this works for now.
Thanks again for all the input! It helped me a lot to "think out loud" with all of you.

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