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MobileSheetsPro and MobileSheets version 3.1.0 Released
MobileSheetsPro v3.1.0 for Android and MobileSheets v3.1.0 for Windows 10 have been released. The full list of changes can be viewed below:

Common changes
  • The snipping tool will now create a temporary annotation that can be moved and deleted. Once the changes are saved, the image will be embedded in the PDF.
  • Added line spacing setting for text annotations
  • Resizing a text annotation that has autosize enabled will now change the font size instead of just expanding the textbox rectangle.
  • The stamp popup window can now be expanded to show the annotation preview and the stamp settings.
  • Long pressing the stamp tool in the annotation toolbar will now display the stamp popup window
  • Added setting to control the nudge tool speed. You can now select between 1x and 5x.
  • Disabled the ability to use both pressure sensitivity and dashed strokes with the freeform tool.
  • Added setting to control whether zoom level is reset when exiting the annotation mode
  • Stamp annotations are now drawn with resize brackets instead of circles to prevent small stamps from being obscured
  • Fixed issue with scrolling a song in fixed time if a link point is triggered while scrolling is active
  • Added option to reset filters after exiting the group editor
  • Added option to stop the metronome when entering the annotation mode (enabled by default)
  • Fixed rounding errors with scaling in the annotation editor that could slightly move annotations after they are created
  • Fixed issue with resetting the zoom level when using the vertical scrolling or half page display mode
  • Fixed library sync issue where differences are always detected when comparing smart buttons linked to files with different file paths       
  • Lowered the minimum allowed zoom level, meaning pages can be shrunk even smaller if needed when zooming out past 100%
  • Added support for shared files and folders in OneDrive under "My Files". Support will be added for shared files/folders not in "My Files" at a later point.
  • Fixed issue when printing pages with night mode enabled
  • Fixed issue with annotation preview dialog displaying colors incorrectly when night mode is enabled
  • Added back support for dashed lines with rectangle annotations
  • Fixed issue when changing the tablet orientation if the annotation mode is configured to force the single page display and the annotation mode is not active       
  • Fixed display issue with stamp annotations when flipping night mode on and off       
  • Fixed bug that occurs if editing a song using the audio player while annotation mode is active       
  • The MIDI listen dialog will no longer show MIDI commands that are received on a different channel than what MobileSheets is configured to listen on       
  • Fixed crash that can occur when entering the annotation mode with the metronome active       
  • Fixed issue with the nudge popup location not being saved correctly if the pin icon is tapped but the nudge window is not moved
  • The notes popup dialog will no longer shrink the text and is scrollable
MobileSheetsPro v3.1.0 (Android)
  • Fixed issue with stamps not appearing correctly in the stamp window if an SD card is used for the storage location
  • The library screen will now scroll when receiving page up/page down from a connected bluetooth pedal
  • Precise location is now used for connecting to MIDI devices over bluetooth, as this is required on Android 9 and higher
  • The Connect Tablets dialog will now display the assigned bluetooth device name for follower tablets when using bluetooth
MobileSheets v3.1.0 (Windows 10)
  • Fixed Dropbox account authentication. It is now necessary to copy a code from a browser.
  • Fixed bug that caused annotations to disappear after changing the font size of a text or chord pro file
  • Fixed issue with group tabs where the scroll position could be set incorrectly after using the alphabet list or when the list is refreshed
  • Fixed issue highlighted chords in text and chord pro files drawing the highlight far too high
  • Fixed scrolling issues when using the text/chord pro editor
  • Fixed issue when switching between extremely large files and normal files and then entering the annotation mode
  • When dragging annotations, the annotations will now be forced to remain inside the boundaries of their page
  • Fixed paste popup in the annotation mode so that it no longer appears in the incorrect position when running in windowed mode
  • Fixed error with some PDF bookmarks not being detected correctly
MobileSheetsPro Companion v3.0.9
  • Updated code to account for database modifications
  • Ctrl + F will now put focus in the search field

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