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ChordPro & ABC
The ChordPro reference implementation supports inserting standard notation in ABC format into ChordPro.
That's a convenient method to insert little snippets of standard notation into lyrics&chords scores.
I usually use the reference implementation to create a PDF and import both the PDF and the ChordPro file into my MSP library.
The ChordPro file in MSP is useful to transpose the song into another key.
MSP already ignores start_of_abc and end_of_abc - I can't remember in which MSP version this helpful little feature has been introduced.
So I would propose some additions:
1.) ignoring not only start_of_abc and end_of_abc but also those lines of the ABC section that start with the tags scale= width= and X: would make room for some more lines of lyrics and chords on a page. That's sometimes useful on a small tablet.
2.) experienced users of ABC are even able to play from the ASCII text of ABC scores as shown here
So it would make sense to transpose the ASCII text of the ABC section together with the ChordPro part of the song.
This should be relatively easy to implement - just apply existing transposing rules & code
(mostly as a workaround as long as 3.) is not available)
3.) The perfect solution, but not so easy to implement: render ABC within MSP to show standard notation that allows transposing

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