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CSVFile for "Million Dollar Library"
Gosh, when I was working on this I had a note of what changed where so I could fix up the individual book index file after modifying the pdf but when I finished polishing it I deleted the note. Confused   Frankly, it never occurred to me that anyone else might want that information though it seems fairly obvious now in hindsight.

However, it should be fairly easy to figure that out -- if the page number of the final song in the csv file matches the actual page in the pdf, then that's probably one of the good ones.  It's some of the middle volumes that were just fine -- 5 through 8 or 9 or something along those lines.  Needless to say I was pretty happy when I came across those ones.  Smile

It took about three weeks of off-and-on fiddling around to fix the pdf's and make the index, but making the index was the biggest part of the job since I had to retype a lot of it.  (And I'll guarantee that some of the page numbers are still wrong since a lot of the 3's, 6's,8's, 9's and 0's got mixed up.)

Fixing the downloaded pdf's to get rid of the duplicates, fix the page order and rotate what's sideways and so forth shouldn't take anyone more than maybe an afternoon or so since you can use those indexes as a guide to what needs to be changed.  And maybe you'll find some more of my incorrect page numbers in the process.  (I do know that all of the volume numbers are correct.)
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