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Not loading in Windows 11
The error you saw reltaed to DbxSvc appears to be something related to Dropbox, so I don't think that's related to what is happening with MobileSheets (at least that's all I found when searching for it). As far as the licensing, if you were able to pass the first license check, then there shouldn't be any licensing issues when restarting the software. It should skip right past the license check as the license information is cached at that point and it's not yet time for MobileSheets to check the license again. I am a little surprised you have been able to reuse your license key(s) though, because with the Windows version, normally you have to go to Settings->About->View License->Uninstall to free the license key otherwise if you uninstall/reinstall, the license activation will already be consumed and it usually will tell you the license key is already used. I can help free those license key activations if needed though.

As far as version, that's referencing the assembly version, which is something I can update independently (but usually forget to do). That's separate from the software version that you see under Add/Remove Programs, for example. 

What I'd like you to do is enter the license key, add the PDFs, restart the software, and assuming the software hangs, please go to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Zubersoft.MobileSheets_m0zk3axhy8w52\LocalState, and send mobilesheets.db and default.xml to mike@zubersoft.com. I would like to take a look at those and try loading them on my box to see if something unusual is happening. 

Thanks for your patience while we figure this out,

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