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Song-ID: Multiple use of the same Song-ID (connect tablets)
Yes, that is exactly what the song ID field is meant for. You can link different versions of a song on each tablet together using the song ID, so that when you load the version for your tablet, a different version can be loaded on another connected tablet. In the future, this will be taken further with song versioning and roles so that each user can have identical libraries but load different versions of songs for their particular role, but for now, the song ID field is the only way to handle loading different songs on each device. Having said that, the "Connect Tablets" feature will also let you match on other fields including the Custom field, so there are other ways to handle it, but the song ID field also works for other features in the app when trying to find matching songs.


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RE: Song-ID: Multiple use of the same Song-ID (connect tablets) - by Zubersoft - 10-24-2022, 06:07 PM

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