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MS 4.1.0

I am shocked to see such a drastic change in speed for you. I hardly changed any code related to PDF rendering, so I'm not really sure what could be causing such a slowdown. One major change was switching the surface that the PDF is rendered on - Google has a bug in Android 4.3 that causes crashes when a SurfaceView is used, so I switched to a generic View object. All devices running 3.x or later should be using hardware acceleration when rendering though. SurfaceView objects render in the background in a separate thread whereas a View can only render on the primary thread. It's very possible that many tablets render too slowly with a View object for me to use it the way I am (as pressing to turn the page will have to wait on the rendering to finish). I will probably implement a workaround where I default to the old implementation for any OS below 4.3, but use an alternative approach for tablets at or above 4.3 (unless Google fixes their bug).

Send me an email at mike@zubersoft.com and I'll help you downgrade. I'm definitely going to need to figure out what is causing the slowdown though, so if you can send me a file that was rendering quickly before, and doesn't now, I can try it out on my own tablet.

As for your requests:

1) I'll probably have to release a 4.1.1, so I can look into adding this option.

2) That should be relatively easy to add. In v5.0.0, I plan on allowing manual entry of what words should be ignored, making it easier to cover everyone's needs. Having said that, I agree that an apostrophe at the beginning should probably be ignored.


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