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Smart Button Song Picker
The app is really not set up to support that. I support that kind of feature only with the "pause setlist" option. Otherwise, no history is maintained for previous songs that were loaded.
OK, then smart button to go back it is.
Just to confirm. It works really nicely now with the songpicker. Having filters and the letter bar solve all the previous problems with selecting.

But I also want to request again another action for a file picker (to be opened with another app). Irealpro files can be opened again in Android 7 (and could always in previous versions). So it would be nice to be able to use the smart button as (not hardcoded) shortcut button to opening the (transposable) Irealpro file from within a song.

Of course there are other useful files:
- opening a PDF not in MSP but in another PDF-Viewer like Adobe Reader, for example if you want to view the MSP manual without switching between the song and the internal manual. Or if you want to view a PDF that you don't have or don't want to be imported into MSP.
- viewing sheets (or other) stuff not supported by MSP (Excel sheets, Office docs, epubs, mobi)
- opening musescore files (at least up to Android 6)
- opening MP3s in other audio players if necessary

So I'd really like you to consider it.

I've added a feature request entry to bugzilla to track this. It should be something I can add without too much difficulty. The most annoying part is actually wiring everything together so that the smart button dialog can use the file browser to let you pick a file (due to the way activities work in Android).

Any chance you can find a way to sneak this into one of next updates?

I know your workload with bugfixing and the big sync and annotation updates. But if it's not a big bother, it would really help me with my sheets collection (and I guess others like itsme and Rob who work with other file formats and have to insert links or files into PDF files so far, too).
I will try to add that in the next update. Thanks for your patience.

I added this for the next update (version 2.1.2). I'll be looking forward to your feedback after testing it out.

I'm so happy you included that in the last update.

Sadly I can't get it to work for me. I tried picking different files (abc, mscz, irp-html) for which I have installed apps which are the standard apps for the formats and open from filemanagers.

In all cases I get:

No application found that supports loading file: filename

Itsme, Rob, Sciurius (my other "buttonmen"  Big Grin ) have you tried it and does it work for you?
I'll have to see if I can reproduce that using those file types. I was testing with files I happened to have on my device, including audio files, PDFs and text files (just to see if I could get those to load in other apps). What OS version is your tablet running again? I was testing on my Nexus 10 running a 7.1 ROM just I could be sure I was handling the open intent correctly on later OS versions.

Sony Xperia Z4 with 7.1. Will test on my XZ1 with 8.0 too.

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