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Error on USB connection to MobileLink Companion
Upon connecting the USB cable from Android Tablet to Win7 PC I receive the following error, "Cannot find any devices connected over USB. Ensure USB debugging is enabled on device, you have installed necessary drivers on your PC, and click ok to try again."

I have done all plus:
- updated drivers (although it is a new pc)
- tried debugging mode on and off
- turned wifi off/on (web recommedation)
- my usb mouse and external drive works fine
- rebooted everything 5 times

PLEASE any ideas. I bought this 13.3" tablet to be used ONLY for a dedicated electronic music stand/folder to use with MobileSheets and it does not work.
The error listed above occurs immediatly upon opening mobilesheets companion. actually error message pops up first and mobilesheet companion only opens if you "cancel" out of the error.
Does the USB connection work for everything else? Can you transfer pdfs from the computer to the tablet without MS being open? Is it just a problem with the Companion?
Appears to be a MobileSheet Companion error only. I can connect the tablet and see it from my pc as a separate device (like a camera or external hard disk).

I have seen the companion appl work and looks like a great tool. But on opening it on my pc it shows the above error before ever opening, and will not open unless I cancel out of the error.

Separtely if using the USB Mass Storage approach where should you put the pdf sheet music so mobilesheets on the tablet can see the pdf music library?
I keep the pdfs and the backups OUT OF THE MOBILESHEETS FOLDER. Maybe under the Android folder. (I hope I am giving good advice, because I am not so certain about the best way to do things).

Once you move all your pdfs there, you can do a batch import. This should (hopefully) get you up and running even if you are having problems with the Companion.

What tablet are you using?
Was able to accomplish the USB Mass Data transfer via the USB and batch import via MobileSheets.

Also, found that the MobileSheets Companion is able to do wifi connect if you uncheck the USB and sync Companion and the tablet via wifi (which is better anyway) :-).

thanks all

I did respond to your emails. Connecting over USB requires very specific development drivers from the tablet manufacturer, and you have to enable USB Debugging (due to security restrictions in the Android OS). There is some information about your tablet here http://krishnabhargav.blogspot.com/2011/...oting.html

I would strongly recommend you try to get it working over Wifi though, as it's much simpler. The first thing you need to do is ensure that Windows Firewall is not blocking MobileSheets. Go into Windows Firewall, and make sure that MobileSheets is allowed to have full communication. If you have an anti-virus program running with a firewall, either disable it or allow port 16569. Next, you may want to reboot your router, as this can cause problems for some people. Also toggle the wifi on the tablet. If none of these things work, let me know.


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