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Filter : All Fields
There is a good reason for this - the default behavior on tabs not showing songs (all the group tabs) is to search for a group with the given name. This is because groups don't have fields other than their name, so the search is on that. You could argue that I should display any groups that contain songs that match the search result, but if I defaulted to searching for any field in any song, this makes it incredibly tedious with the default search options to find a group with a certain name as it will return matches on any song in any of the groups. This does create a small disconnect between the search dropdown and what is actually being searched on. I wasn't sure what is the best way to handle this. If there were individual filter settings saved for each tab, then I could default all group tabs to search on "Name" and the Songs/Recent tabs to search on all fields. However, as it stands now, if I changed it so that MobileSheets searched on all fields on every tab by default, that would mean that you would be constantly having to switch the dropdown every time you switched between searching on a group with a specific name vs searching on song fields. No one has really complained about the behavior over the years, so I haven't really thought a change was needed. I do recognize that this makes it hard to search for groups containing songs that contain a search term when you are wanting to search on all fields though. I'm open to ideas on the best way to handle this. Other users have asked for an option to save different filter settings per tab. If I move forward with that, then I could make the change I described with defaulting group tabs to search on name. However, this does mean that if you searched for a group by name, but then wanted to filter songs, you'd still be having to switch that dropdown unless I also saved different filter settings when viewing songs for a given group vs all the groups. So I'm not sure there is a way to conveniently handle every situation. When I rework the filters to use a side panel, I could split the search into multiple fields (one for name, one for all other fields) if that would make more sense. Then it would possible to easily search on either (and there would still be a dropdown for the second field to search on a specific field if desired), and you could then also search on a combination of name and another field.


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