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Entering Any Text in New Song Screen Freezes Tablet
Hi guys!

I already used the search feature and couldn't find anything. Sorry if I missed it.

EDIT: Using a Nexus 7 2nd Gen

I tried with the free version and I purchased the full version. Every time I add a song, I'll tap in the TITLE field to enter the title and I'll get like 1 or 2 letters entered and my whole tablet will lock up... like, irrepairably lock up. I have to actually restart the tablet to get it back to normal. The app starts up normally.

I tried it just now with a different field (artist) and it said "Mobile sheets had to be stopped". So, I opened the app again and clicked in the artist field again and it froze my tablet... tablet restarted on its own.

I tried clicking in the search field on the homepage and it worked fine. I could type. I used some of the other dropdowns and typing fields as well. It appears to only do this on any of the text fields on the NEW SONG page.... and that page is kinda important.

PLEASE HELP!! I submitted a bug report already. I really would like to fix this because this app fits my needs PERFECTLY.

As of this post, I have deleted most of the superfluous apps on my Nexus 7 2nd Gen. I was having a strange interaction in another area of my tablet (couldn't uninstall any apps without tablet crashing) and rebooted in safe mode and deleted some stuff to see if it fixed it. It did NOT fix the problem in Mobile Sheets. Sad

That just made me think.... I'm gonna reboot in safe mode and see if MobileSheets runs.

Safe mode did not fix the problem with Mobile Sheets.

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