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Progress on Annotations and Odd Crash
1. I can definitely add a way of overriding the defaults. I'll create a new section for this in the settings.
2. Printing is still a difficult problem to tackle. The thing that makes the most sense right now is Google Cloud Print. The other option is that I could have the companion app command the tablet to generate a bitmap with annotations intact, send that bitmap over the network, and then allow you to print the resulting image with whatever program you want. Adding annotation support to the companion app is a huge job that I can't tackle for a little while, but once I add it, it should make this process easier. I also need to add printing support directly to the companion app. All of these updates to the companion app are actually part of a larger effort to eventually produce a MobileSheets equivalent for the PC that could run on Windows 8 tablets (or Windows 7/XP), that could also sync with a tablet allowing you to use a laptop or tablet to view and manage your library. The PC MobileSheets would be a separate purchase most likely, but I could offer a discount for existing tablet users, and bundles for those that need both. These are all just ideas for the future, as I don't currently have enough time to work on it all to make it happen very soon.

There is currently a freeform mode (it's selectable from the dropdown at the bottom left called "Draw Mode"). You can also use freeform mode with the highlighting capability. The question is whether the input with the Galaxy Note 10.1 is going to be fine enough to provide good results. I don't have a Galaxy Note 10.1 to test with myself, so it would be really helpful if some users could beta test with the Galaxy Note 10.1 and let me know how well it works. Anyone with a Galaxy Note 10.1 that wants to help beta test? I'll do as much testing as I can with just my finger, but I doubt it will be as nice. I'm also concerned about performance with a very large number of freemode drawings on the screen, so this is another thing I will be testing.

Also Booze (or anyone else that wants to comment), for highlighting, would it be better to be able to just draw a box around the section you want to highlight, or do you want to just use freeform drawing to drag over things? I'm going to support both, but I'm trying to figure out which should be the default mode. The default mode will be configurable, so perhaps it doesn't matter. I'm more curious as to how most people will want to use the highlighting feature.

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