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Please allow stopping at end/beginning of page in set lists
Correct me if I am wrong, but right now if I want to use a set list, I will move to the next song if I push my foot pedal to progress beyond the last page.

Also, if I go back to the first page and hit the pedal, I will go to the prior song.

The way I am comfortable using MS is to hold down the pedal to get to the beginning or end of the song. I just hold the pedal down and it gets me there.

But, because of this, I can't use set lists. Instead, I have to use collections.

But I can't put collections in any order I want (I want to order them like a set list).

I would like to be able to:

1. Use a set list
2. Be able to hold the pedal down to get to the 1st or last page (without worrying it will skip to the next song).
3. Be able to switch to the next song pretty quickly without using the pedal.

The ideal would be to have a "next song" icon on the screen so I can just hit it to get to the next song (without worrying about inadvertantly going to the next song by hitting the pedal). (So, I could switch to next song in 1 step).

The next best would be able to just go back to the set list, which should be highlighted on the song I was one. So, I could just touch the next song to load it up (I would switch to the next song in 2 steps).

I am not sure if I am the only one the prefers to navigate songs this way (rather than messing with link points (current version) or having repeats of pages (which will be made easier in next version).

Please consider this.



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Please allow stopping at end/beginning of page in set lists - by jeffn1 - 10-17-2014, 12:08 AM

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