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Please allow stopping at end/beginning of page in set lists
(04-22-2015, 09:05 PM)Pjae Stanley Wrote: Sorry all. New to forums in general and definitely to Mobile Sheets. I wanted to read some of the answers to Jeffn1's questions submitted by Zubermanj, but I don't see his replies, other than when he says, "I have added options that let you skip to the next song or previous song in a setlist...."

I'm having trouble understanding how to have a setlist play completely from one song to the next, automatically starting each song as it's loaded. Is that possible? Do I have to do it with a pedal? What kind of pedal and how do I hook it up to my Android Tablet?

I know there are lots of questions for this thread. If they need to be broken up and spread around, please advise. Also, if these questions have been answered already, I can't find them.
Thank you!

Select 'load all' in your setlist. In scroll settings, select 'scroll continuously to end'. If you want vertical scrolling select vertical scrolling in 'display mode'. I use a bluetooth pedal, all that's needed is to turn pair them. I suppose the usb pedals just plug into the tablet. You don't need a pedal, but it's nice to have one. You can start stop the scroll handsfree with a pedal, along with other options. Adjusting scroll speed to the different may pose a problem although I think you may be able to set each songs scroll speed in scroll settings.

The 'skip' options to select the songs is found in settings>touch & pedal settings> touch actions.
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