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Bluetooth master/slave multiple tablets control
I have been using up to 5 iPads with unRealBook a number of times. The master optionally connects to Airturn, with the others set to slave (auto connect is optional but useful). There is a network key (password) that can be entered on each. I have a small TP-link device to act as wifi hotspot, taking power into its USB port (I usually connect to mains, but portable battery works if there is no power nearby). I often just leave it in my bag off-stage; if there were connection problems I might sit it higher for a better signal. It means we are independent of any other wifi networks and any problems that might occur with them and the iPads find it each gig automatically once it is turned on.
Although I have used bluetooth connecting a couple of iPads (and unRealBook) I have usually used wifi—me thinking it is a little more robust, and it has not presented any problems.

In practice:
For some of the gigs we only needed one or two page chord charts, so had one for each transposing instrument and another for the drummer with the name of the song in a large font (and duplicated the page for each page of the song so when the page turned mid-song, nothing really happened). You can also create one for the singers, just the lyrics.

For notation and longer songs, each PDF needs measures on the same pages and songs starting on the same page number obviously, but it is possible for the master only be used to send the first page of the new piece then everyone taps for their own page turns during the piece (you might need to have some PDFs with blank pages so each song starts on the same page number!). Run the master off a small device just to set the new song, but no one reads off it.
The problem with page turning for everyone is that some will be reading ahead faster.

In classrooms (and other situations) another alternative might be using Chromecast.

This is a very useful feature and I hope it will be added into Android and up-coming Windows versions of MS.

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