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Bluetooth master/slave multiple tablets control
if you implement this, a few initial thoughts:
- remember to deal with duplicate song or PDF titles (since already it is possible to have duplicate song titles), perhaps it only works within a specific setlist or collection although this would be limiting (for an encore that is not that list but elsewhere on each tablet)
- the protocol loads the song or PDF and sends page number (with error message if not found)
- a check to check each tablet has the correct files available (even a checksum might work)
- the server can view the tablets names when connected
- a future enhancement, text messages from the server can be sent (or between each)
- another idea, the master is merely a file/page sender (could be a phone) so works a little like a bookmark or setlist, where, tapping a song title will just load a song's first page (where each player then controls their page turns until the end of the song) to each tablet

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