Poll: Would you like Master/Slave multiple tablets control option added to MobileSheets?
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Bluetooth master/slave multiple tablets control
I'm very afraid this can only work when all members have the same tablets, the same software, and exactly the same settings. You want to send a page turning command to the others? Great -- but some may want to turn a full page, others a half-page, or whatever percentage as configured with the pedals settins. For ChordPro files, I like smaller lyrics and bigger chords, but a singer may want bigger lyrics and maybe no chords at all. We could never turn our pages at the same time. Have you even looked at an orchestra? You'll notice that most instrument groups have different scores, hence different moments to turn the page.
Also, when I'm about to press the pedal, I mentally prepare for the page being scrolled. I know where the current line is and where it will go to. If my screen would scroll unsollicited I'd probably (definitely) lose track.

I'm sure there could be situations where this feature would work, but I doubt whether it will be of sufficient general use to put a lot of effort in.

I fail to see a relation to "hey, what´s the next song?". I may assume veryone has a setlist, either on paper or on the tablet?
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