Poll: Would you like Master/Slave multiple tablets control option added to MobileSheets?
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Bluetooth master/slave multiple tablets control
For those saying to "not add" the feature, how does this feature affect you if it was added?

This app replaces the antiquated 3 ring binder songbook. And for those old enough to remember using songbooks, what a hassle to have a 4 inch, 5lb. book on your music stand.

In my case, we're doing songs on the fly and songs need to be called up within seconds. There are plenty of times when on set and I need to call out a tune and in Live TV world, there's no time for people to shuffle through books, or for me to yell "BLUE BOSSA! C MINOR!!!" then have everyone fiddle with their tablets.

This feature, IMO, wouldn't effect those who "don't want it" but would add a SUPERIOR functionality to the app that is already available on iOS music apps like ForScore and OnSong.
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