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Bluetooth master/slave multiple tablets control
(12-27-2016, 03:35 AM)dallaskruse Wrote:
(12-26-2016, 04:21 PM)Zuberman Wrote: Now that the Windows 10 version is completed, synchronization between tablets is one of the next big features on my TODO list.


Great to hear!

In response to some other questions in this thread, I play 2 - 3 keyboards and direct the band, but by using the sustain pedal, or waiting til phrases where I only need to play with one hand, I am still able to pull up a new song while playing the current song when requests occur.

I personally really appreciate all the features MS has to offer - including metronome, audio, and midi. I understand that not everyone is going to need these features, but they are invaluable to others, and what makes MS so well suited for the job vs just using a pdf reader. Mike has managed to accommodate most users requests, without compromising the speed of the app and without the additional features getting in the way of it's fundamental purpose - which will always be a sheet music viewer. That's not an easy task.

Mike- regarding tablet synchronization, I would assume the libraries would need to be sync'ed as well. I keep my full charts library in a Onedrive folder that already syncs on multiple laptops. Could there be a master mobilesheets database file in this same folder that can only be edited by the master laptop, but still read by all slave laptops/tablets, that would keep all files/setlists/etc up to date on all devices? Perhaps that's something I could even set up now already. I just don't want to risk corrupting the database file by having multiple devices accessing it.

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