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Bluetooth master/slave multiple tablets control
Quick update on this: I have implemented the new dialog for setting up the connection among multiple tablets. When one tablet sets up a new group, other tablets can join it. At the moment, I only have wifi implemented. When the master loads a song or setlist, the other tablets load it as well. If the master turns one page forward or back, that command is sent to the others. If the master tablet skips to a page further in the song or setlist, the other tablets will do the same. I'm now going to work on bluetooth and wifi direct as other options for connecting the tablets. I'm not sure yet if it's going to be possible to use wifi-direct to connect Android tablets to Windows 10 tablets (from what I've read, this won't work), but the other options should work fine regardless of which version of MobileSheets is used. For those that are curious, wifi-direct allows you to connect multiple devices together without needing to be connected to a router. It basically creates a network on-the-spot between the devices.


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