Poll: Would you like Master/Slave multiple tablets control option added to MobileSheets?
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Bluetooth master/slave multiple tablets control
(11-12-2014, 02:53 PM)Zuberman Wrote: Hello otnt,
There will be no version 5.0.0. MobileSheetsPro is going to be released instead, and the initial release will not have this capability as it would cause delays for months most likely due to the amount of work involved.

No problem at all. I understand there is lot of work involved. Maybe somebody could help with development. Different people working on different plugins? Just thoughts.

(11-12-2014, 08:09 PM)popoff Wrote: And the use of MSPro in education opens a big market for Mike ....

Master/Slave functionality would be great option for small chamber ensembles and small bands. Not to clutter the stage with unnecessary page turn pedals.
I'm also thinking that several established iOS developers (OnSong, iGigBook, MusicReader) announced porting their apps to Android.
I think too there's a huge potential in Android.

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