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MobileSheets v3.9 and MobileSheets Companion v1.3.5 Released
I'm happy to announce that I've released MobileSheets v3.9 for all markets, although both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have to first approve the release. This update is a mix of new features and important fixes to bugs that have been reported by users. I was hoping to get more new features in this release, such as positional zooming, continuous vertical scrolling, audio player enhancements, etc, but I decided it was more important to get the bug fixes released first, and focus solely on new features for the next update. The changes for this release are as follows:

MobileSheets v3.9
- Fixed positioning of annotations and link points
- Added option to load setlists on the setlist editor screen (press & hold)
- Added option to load songs from both the setlist editor and collection editor
- File references are now kept to ensure that files shared by multiple songs are not deleted while deleting songs
- Fixed various crashes reported with adding and editing bookmarks
- Annotation lines can now be properly erased with the erase tool
- Fixed batch import to correctly group image files based on similar names
- Greatly improved tap detection for turning pages (added deadzone for movement)
- The overlay is now hidden automatically when a new song or setlist is loaded
- Added smoothing modes for freeform drawings. This greatly enhances the quality for high resolution tablets.
- Both search fields on the library screen are now cleared after a song or setlist is loaded
- Added ability to jump to a letter if viewing a sorted setlist
- Changed guitar tab to just tab
- Added freehand file support. You can add .fh files individually or use the batch import. Freehand files turn into .pngs
- Added a batch import button in the dropdown menu at the top right of the library screen
- Moved database location. It is now accessible from file browsers. The next update will add the ability for multiple tablets to share one database file
- Finished changes to support multiple languages.
- A number of other bug fixes and small enhancements

MobileSheets Companion v1.3.5
- Add default setting for Create subdirectory for song
- Fixed bug where cancelling a batch import caused a crash.
- Fixed bugs related to setlist ordering with duplicate songs.
- Added drag and drop file support for the music selection dialog
- Fixed bug where companion app could remove annotations from songs
- Added freehand (.fh) file support to both the Song editor and batch import dialog.
- Added dropdowns to metadata defaults dialog for faster selection
- Fixed bugs with certain source type filters not working
- Fixed batch import to correctly group image files with similar names

I hope everyone enjoys the new features. The next update should be a more exciting one full of big changes.


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