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Can't locate external SD card
I have inserted and mounted an SD card into the external slot on my tablet.  Using the file explorer on the tablet, I can find the card.  I created an empty folder on the external SD card (called TEST).  I can find this folder using the file explorer.

However, I can not find this SD card nor the created folder on it using the "Options, Utilities, Set Removable Storage" function of MobileSheets.  Currently my pdf's are stored on the internal storage (16GB).  Any suggestions?

Set up:
Azpen A1320G 13.3" Android 4.2
PC Microsoft Windows 8.1

The current storage settings in the original MobileSheets are a little confusing. After setting up the removable storage, you also have to change one other setting if you want files copied to that directory. Open the song editor and tap the hammer & wrench icon. Then change the file copy destination to removable storage. MobileSheetsPro is replacing this with a new "Storage Location" setting, and all of the relevant settings are on the settings screen. MobileSheetsPro will also move all of your files for you if you want to change the storage location.

Thanks for that info, but the problem is a bit different. In MobileSheets, when I select the "Set Removable Store", I can not even find the SD card to select. I can see the folders of the interior storage but not the SD Card, while when I use the File Manager app of Android, I can see the SD Card and it's folders.
Understanding the file structure of a linux based file system can be a little tricky at first. There are some easy things to remember that can help:

1) Every SD card that is mounted (available for use) can be found under /mnt. In the MobileSheets file browser, you can tap that slash at the top left to return to the top level root directory, which shows up as either a forward slash or "Root".
2) Once you are at "/" or "Root", then tap on "mnt" and look for something like "extSdCard". This is the path used by many tablet manufacturers, but it can vary per device. On my ASUS Transformer, it used /Removable as the location for the external SD card.
3) Many paths actually point to the same location, which can be confusing. For example, /sdcard is actually the same thing as /mnt/sdcard0, /storage/emulated/0 and /storage/sdcard0.

Let me know if you still have difficulties locating the external SD card.


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