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rendering musicXML, + transposing
Waiting for MuseScore to develop their Android app might be the best you can do. I’m sure they will add other features, function and rendering.

Implementing musicXML has not been done very well in the different musicXML apps I have seen. Just to get notation on the stave, ties, beaming and spacing reasonably correctly (quickly readable) seemed to be a problem from memory, not to mention, lyrics (especially multiple verses), slurs, cross-beaming, chords (jazz ones especially), enharmonics etc. It is quite complicated making a render engine that can deal with all this from a generic file format and as you would know, music notation can be difficult to layout for a human (many considerations) even within a specialized software package.

Instead of musicXML (at least for now), a dedicated app for tablets from those same music notation software companies would (you would think) be better … like Sibelius or Finale. They then would just be rendering their own file structures and would be able to interpret all the necessary internal information to create the chart as they already do on computer. (No compromises in translating it to the generic musicXML, not to mention constructing it at the other end.) Unfortunately this has not happened.
Sibelius’s Scorch for iPad was released a few years ago and is probably forgotten—no updates for a long time, buggy, inadequate and crashes, although I use it when I have to (in circumstances similar to yours). Finale’s Songbook for iPad was released but had a short life and has been discontinued.

As far as I know, MuseScore is the best contender being able to directly translate their own files on Android although not there yet for your purposes, unless you have the chart loaded directly onto their website from your tablet (if you have a connection at your gig) and transposing (does that work? I have never tried it).

Hopefully there will be further development in this area. There is clearly a need for it.
[Aside: Sibelius has recently announced supporting MS Surface in a new version).

I have had to use a few different apps on gigs, but like you would like it all integrated into one Smile
I think there are many other features to be added into MS and the port to Windows hopefully later in the year. Good to ask though. I would welcome it.

If you find a better solution than what you have, let us know!

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