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Batch Import: Use custom mask for metadata
As far as the batch importing goes, I definitely have plans to add more control over what metadata is used for the imported songs. I like some of the ideas you guys have put forth, so I'll definitely use those concepts. I'm thinking that I'll allow users to specify the xml file they want to use for a given directory, otherwise I'll look for a file by a default name (metadata.xml works). I would also look for an xml file named the same thing as the imported file (abc.pdf->abc.xml), this would allow for details on individual files, or overrides.

As far as exporting goes, I'm actually going to generate my own unique file format that embeds all of the metadata, links, annotations, etc with the song (I may allow the user to choose what gets exported). Using this file format, I can also support exporting entire setlists. This would make it really easy to transport songs around. I personally like this idea better than having to send multiple files to people. What do you guys think?

Bejomin - do you care if I use xml versus CSV? The more file formats I try to support, the more confusing it will get to explain to users, but if more people might use CSV, I'm open to it.

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