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Batch Import: Use custom mask for metadata
Silly of me to mention CSVs really, it's only that that's the format I currently have—an index that PianoFiles conveniently generated for me. I don't think it's a necessary format to support, and would just translate my data to the XML schema you devise.
I like the ideas you propose, and especially that metadata can be included per folder or per file. I must say that being able to export data in a human-readable format that you can play with would still be useful. I'd love to be able to use the metadata from MobileSheets in applications on my desktop, even if it's just make a database of all the sheets I have.

Completely off topic, but my ultimate dream when it comes to PDF music, and something that I've researched a fair deal and not found any existing solutions for, would be some sort of music-oriented CMS. I could bring up my music database and search for all songs of a particular type/genre/voicing/etc., and then instantly click a link that takes me to the right page in the right file. It's the same as an application like MobileSheets, except that one file could be referenced by one song or by many, each referring to a particular page as well. Maybe I've just been googling for the wrong things...

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