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MobileSheets on E-Ink-Display
Also if they have sound capabilities for player and metronome.
(02-07-2016, 09:30 AM)Zuberman Wrote: That really does look amazing.  If the stylus works well, that may become the best device to run MS Pro on.  Please post updates if you get any!

MobileSheets on new 13inch epaper based Onyx Max!

Sheet music on Onyx Max including annotations:

(02-07-2016, 10:50 AM)jeffn1 Wrote: Big question is how quick the page turn are.  Does it take a couple of seconds for the next page to fully appear?

Page turn speed is very quick as very similar Netronix:
Or Pocketbook Flex:

It very much depends on how your PDF is optimised. I am printing sheets straight from notation software to PDF so the files are VERY small and quick.
Also Onyx Max should get a new i.MX7 processor later this year. Which should be revolutionary for epaper devices.

Other news:

Sony DPT-S1 aka Digital Reader can be unlock into an android ereader:
It is only Android 2.2.1 so I am not sure what is the minimum MobileSheets requirement.
I hope Sony is going release updated model with Android later this year.

Looks like after 15 years of waiting I might fulfil my dream and finally live in the 21st century - PAPERLESS with digital paper.
The Onyx Max is supposed to ship mid April?


Using Samsung Note Pro (SM-P900) with Android 5.0.2
Indiegogo campaign has just started for OEM version of Netronix's 13.3 inch Android 4.0.4 e-reader with E-Ink's Mobius display $699:


Sadly no Bluetooth.
I will be one of the first owners of this Onyx Max.
Ordered early in advance.....
So I will report immediately about stylus and page turning etc..... when it will finally arrive.
I would love to order too.
I'm not going to because:
- Onyx Max has no touch screen, stylus only
- Netronix has no Bluetooth
Apparently the annotations are sluggish on the Onyx Max (all third party applications seem to suffer from this delay while writing/drawing). They may have some kind of internal API that can help with this, but it would mean having to write code specifically targeted for that one device, which I try to avoid doing. This is just what I heard from a user, so I'll be interested to hear if other users have a similar experience.

Onyx Max has arrived.
First impressions:
- Size is wonderful. If you cut very little of the edges, nobody needs, it is perfect DIN A4.
- Music I have scanned in grey is too light, (still readable), Black&white is good and clear, but not as brilliant as e-books (of course). And you definitely need good light. (I'm spoiled by tablets ;-))
- Turning pages is slow, half a second, but still managable wtih quick music, I think. And there will  be an update soon to this subject.
- Cicada should work, (customer's service told me so),  I will ask a friend to try soon. Airturn PED, Airturn BT 105 was not found by the Onyx up to now. Also my USB foot switch by Scythe is not found up to now, also not working up to now, a laser presenter stick (which I can use  with a USB-receiver device at the tablet). I am working on that, asking the customer's service.
- MS works well. Little problem on the page Properties: the page is normally in black with white text on my tablet. Onyx :The right column has changed the colours to white background and black text. The left column    does not. It is white with white text. You can read it only when you go over it with the pen.
- I don't know whether I will be able to zoom. I think not. But I can cut so that the pages fit optimally. This works different with an ebook, and I have to experience what is possible.
-Colours: green highlighter of MS is a good grey background on Onyx. Yellow highlighter is bad, it lightens very much, either you don't see only the yellow, or you can't read nothing at all.
-Writing with the pen works very good. You can write small and precise, fingerings e.g.
- little handicap: on/out switch is on the bottom. ...One must be careful, and one must put something underneath when you put it on a stand. But this is solvable.
- Sound is "okay", metronome is good.
- Onyx with MS works perfect for singing. You can hold it, it is very light, and you can turn pages with the buttons at the bottom.

Next steps:
My husband will use it for singing and likes it very much, I will try it with Cicada at the piano.
So far up to now
Content with: Blaupunkt Endeavour 13.3, Skythe USB Pedal (adjusted the bottom myself for stability)
Onyx Book Max:
Page flip Cicada is found after reset and works well. Book Max is a slower than my tablets, but still okay.
One can switch to another mode, how Book Max is loading pages. Then it turns pages really very fast, but you can still see a very light shadow of the one page before. I choose this mode for quick pieces.
I think the promised quick turning pages will really happen with the next update.

Disadvantages of Book Max:
- It is not comfortable to adjust the pages to the screen. No zoom. One must take care when scanning (best: scan all pages in the same size and cut all pages at once together) or you have to cut each page separately afterwards.

- You need a lamp or very good light. I am spoiled by tablets. Especially the samsung of my friend is so brilliant.

- No touchscreen,missing my finger as backup for turning pages etc. but well, one certainly needs to get used to the different system of an ebook. There are buttons at the bottom for turning forward and backwards,but which is certainly not as easy to hit as a touchscreen.

- On/Out on the bottom. I always forget that and put Ebook Max down on the stand without thinking.

- The size!!, the music is real Din A4 size and proportions, if you cut a bit of the white borders of the pages.

- It is sooo light. Ideal for singing, you can hold it in your hands.

- No sun problems!!! In summer I am playing outside in a restaurant's inner court.

- Angle of view doesn't matter. On tablets always one side is worse, or one perspective is reflecting. good, if more people look at the same music, four hands, singing duet, trio...

- No light which is disturbing the musicians behind you, or your  eyeglasses don't blink into the audience.

- I like the pen-writing. Little retarded, slow writing works well. Well, samsung tablet can do that even better. but  I also got used to write small and precise with my finger on Blaupunkt and other tablets. ...after doing that for years now, haha. And I usually have some paper next to my tablet in rehearsals for general writing.
(Anyway I would like to have a sort of quick mode for tablets or ebook: writing and deleting directly without much clicking and choosing)

So far from MelBonis
Content with: Blaupunkt Endeavour 13.3, Skythe USB Pedal (adjusted the bottom myself for stability)
(06-05-2016, 04:15 AM)MelBonis Wrote:  Airturn PED, Airturn BT 105 was not found by the Onyx up to now.

To pair the AirTurn BT-105/BT-106 with a Bluetooth-equipped Android tablet.

1. Go to Settings and turn Bluetooth off.
2. Turn your BT-105/BT-106 or Digit On. When it is blinking green every second, press and hold the ON/OFF switch for 6-8 seconds, or until the LED light blinks red/green/red/green very quickly. Let go. If the light turned off, turn it back on again.
3. Turn the Bluetooth settings ON on the Android.
4. Tap the "Visible" box so that a check mark appears.
5. Tap Scan for Devices in the upper right corner.
6. The AirTurn serial number will show in the Bluetooth list. Tap and it will Pair.
7. Once Paired, tap the AirTurn serial number again to begin the Connecting process. It will ask you to type a series of letters/numbers. Click Next or Continue.
8. Once Connected go to your App to make sure you are able to activate page turns (if not, you may need to change the Mode )
Note: Some Android tablets do not have the ability to connect to external Bluetoothe keyboards. The AirTurn needs Bluetooth HID compatibiity in order to work. 

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