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Companion Pro Crashing
Yeah, I'll try that. I think the most likely culprit seems to be Hot Stuff.
Wow, that did it! I deleted Hot Stuff on the tablet and it just backed up to the Companion without a problem.

The only guess I can make is maybe it made some tweaks related to it (cropping? annotations?) under a version that had a bug? And that cased cause a problem backing it up. Hell, I have not idea. (It opened fine in the tablet)

Now I need to reinstall the pdf and re-create the annotations, but worse things happen.


Holy crap, now, for some reason, I can't input annotations (typing). (I turned off the physical keyboard like I always do).
I pushed out version 1.1.3 as quickly as I could - a bug was introduced related to the text borders that I was trying to fix in the last update.
Okay, I wonder what Hot Stuff caused the problem. I guess you don't think its related to annotations (and you would know).

Okay, everything seems good (fingers crossed). (At least we helped with bug checking while other people were out barbequeing!)
I wish I had a copy of that song so I could figure out what happened, but I'm glad at least everything is fine now. Thanks again!
Yep, thanks!
I have just downloaded the latestversion MobilesheetsPro 1.1.7 today, and MobileSheets Pro Companon 2.1.4 yesterday and the companion is crashing each time I try to delete an artist in edit song mode. Screen goes gray and an error comes up MobilesheetsPro Companion has stopped working.
Ahh, yes, I wonder if I deleted Hot Stuff at some point and then reinstalled it. I wonder if deleting a song in MS Pro caused it to crash? Just a thought. Don't know.
teleman2k1 - Thanks, I'll look into that right away.

Jeff - I can look into that to be extra sure there are no issues, but I delete songs quite frequently and have never encountered that problem.

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