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Play Midi files instead audio files ?
Please excuse me, first of all my google translated English
When I select an audio file instead of a MIDI file I get no error. Would it be possible to send an ESI Midi Mate II Midi Interface prefabricated midi files to an external MIDI instrument? I think I am familiar with Midi very good and know a lot of musicians who would take this opportunity as an occasion to use Mobile Sheets.
I think that adding a midi sound engine to MSP is probably a step too far.

However, MSP can send midi commands, so why no use those to trigger an external engine?

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The open source library I use for sending MIDI commands does seem to have support for opening a MIDI file, and playing back the commands inside that file. In order to support this, I would need to add functionality to the audio player that would let it also control MIDI file playback (where instead of playing audio it's actually sending MIDI commands). I think this probably makes the most sense in terms of how the MIDI files would be handled in the UI. This is something I definitely want to add support for, but I can't give an exact timeline for it as there are a lot of other high priority things that need to be addressed.
Good Mike. I too would like a midi player in there. I presume what your intention is, is to have the midi stream to go out to a module, sampler?
I'm not sure how much I would like the player to do as far as editing. Obviously tempo, but key change or reassigning channels or midi note or hex editing?
I know it would get very complicated, but even a basic player would be useful and we can create it outside MS and attach to a song.
Thanks for this. For me, no hurry at all.

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