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Play Midi files instead audio files ?
If that is all you want, you can already accomplish that. Place a smart button on one of the pages of your song, select "Open File in External Application", and then select the file that you want to load in the external application. Note: this file must be under the storage location listed under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location in order for MobileSheets to be able to access it, otherwise the OS won't allow it. Be aware that MobileSheets can only request that the OS load the file - it can't choose what application to load it in determine what applications are on the machine that can load it. So the file will be loaded by whatever application you have set as the default for midi files.

As a side note, this thread was to add the option to play back MIDI files to a connected MIDI device, not to play them back as an audio file. In order to play back a MIDI file as audio in the Windows 10 version, I will need to build my own MIDI synthesizer so that I can generate instrument sounds from each MIDI note that is in the file. A MIDI file itself has no audio information - it just has MIDI events like Note Down, Note Up, etc. So something has to read those and generate sound from it.


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