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Restore is losing some files
Definitely something strange still happening. I use one tablet as my master: I back up from it, but have never restored to it. Yesterday, no missing files. Now one file is missing. Meanwhile, there are now 4 missing files on my other tablet, but I haven't restored the file, or changed anything else on that tablet.

Just backed up primary tablet, and restored to secondary. At the moment, both tablets report no files missing. To be continued...
So the problem appears to be with the companion backup functionality? That would definitely help to know, as I've really had problems reproducing the problems just doing restores of existing backups.
(06-07-2015, 04:28 AM)Zuberman Wrote: So the problem appears to be with the companion backup functionality?
Yes, I think so.
It was the first time that I did changes using the companion connected to the tablet. I think, the only way to lose files was during backup the changes to the tablet. May be the reason is the way I did my changes:
I selected several files in the companion because I wanted to changed one parameter value for all selected files.
Each time after changing one songs data the cahnges were written back to the tablet befor I could change the next songs paramter.
I think that my backup-file is too big to save in short time, So I think data get lost during backup.

To my oppinion it would be better to make all changes in the companion on the PC-Ram and then backup all changes at once to the tablet.
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I do wonder if it has something to do with large files and possible "hitches" in the restore. That's completely a guess, though. If I can figure out anything resembling a pattern, I'll let you know. The behavior I've seen isn't consistent. At the moment, no missing files.
Same problem here. Sad
CholitoWeb - just to clarify, you are using the companion for both backup and restore and are encountering the issue with lost files?

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