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Song Title / Caption formatting question
I apologize if this question has been asked before. I've been searching in the forums for an answer but could not find one.

In the original MobileSheets, there aren't many choices for the format of the song title. There is a single checkbox in Options that allows the custom field to be appended to the title. The custom field is appended only when it is non-blank, and is separated by a "-" and surrounded with [] characters. For example, for two songs, one with a custom field value and one without, the titles would look like this:
  • Song Title 1
  • Song Title 2 - [Custom value 2]
Now, with MobileSheetsPro, we have many more options to choose from: both the song title and the caption can be customized to include many possible fields with a variety of delimiters and surrounding characters. However, I can't find a way to suppress the delimiters and surrounding characters when the fields in question are blank. For example, if I configure the song title to be the same format as for MobileSheets, I would get the following titles for the previous example:
  • Song Title 1 - []
  • Song Title 2 - [Custom value 2]
Not all of my songs have a value in the custom field (in my case, I generally use this as a song number in a choral hymnal) so all of the songs with "- []" at the end look cluttered.

Is there a way to suppress the separating and/or surrounding characters when a particular field is blank, that I might have missed in the manual?


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