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Changing page order does strange things to cropping and annotations
Thanks for the explanation, I definitely see the problem...

For me, your second suggestion, to assign the changes to page number in the original file, makes most sense. At least for the cropping, which is often slightly different for each page, it would be desirable to have the crop values follow the same page wherever it appears. Even if I change the page order to 5,1-4,2,1-5,2, I would still like to see the original page 2 cropped the same way every time it appears.
For the 5 page example file, redoing the cropping isn't that much of a nuisance, but I often have files with 30+ pages, where the recropping takes quite some time.. I usually try to arrange the pages first (in case of repeats etc.), and then do the cropping afterwards - but sometimes, we decide to add/drop a repeat during a rehearsal, for instance, and I need to quickly be able to change the page order without messing up the cropping..

Annotations is a slightly different matter, as I can imagine many situations where you would want different annotations on different instances of the same page. I would be happy if annotations would follow the original page number, just as the cropping (if I circle a dynamic, or add fingerings etc, it would usually be desirable to show this for every instance of the same page), but people may have different opinions on this..

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RE: Changing page order does strange things to cropping and annotations - by Steinway - 07-01-2015, 04:50 PM

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