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Convert PDF to Images (using MobileSheets Companion)
Hi again,

I was using the PDF image conversion utility today on a somewhat large (172 page) PDF file, and I ran into an issue where the program would throw the following dialog after processing a subset of the pages:

Title:Error Converting Pdf

/!\ Unable to convert pdf to images


I was converting to PNG files with the width set to 2500, and it stopped after 69 pages. Then, the programmer in me said "hmmm, out of memory?" so I tried a test. I changed the width value to 1700 (corresponding to 200dpi), and this time it got to 100 pages. Finally, I set it to 1250, and it made it through all 172 pages.

As a final test, I set the width to 5000, and it only made it through 12 pages without throwing the error (of course, not many people would need images that are that high resolution)

I can send you the PDF if you like, but I suspect you'd be able to duplicate this with any PDF with that number of pages. I didn't try other file formats, but I could do extra tests if you like.

And while I have you here, could I make a tiny request or two? Smile

1. When you append the page numbers, would it be possible to include one or two leading zeros? This will make the pages sort nicer when I'm adding them to songs later. I don't know if you have a way of determining the number of pages in the PDF you are converting (so you know whether to pad with 1 or 2 zeroes)

2. It would also be nice if there were some way to specify a subset range of pages to be extracted. I realize there are other utilities available for extracting PDF pages, so I can use those in lieu of you adding extra bells & whistles.

Thanks for all the information Snard. I agree that this problem should be fairly easy to reproduce.

As for your two requests, I would be happy to add those. Both of them shouldn't be a problem.

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