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Restore Library failed
Thank you Graeme. I shouldn´t download things before I haven´t understood what they are in the first place!

In the meantime I tried this, as I can´t retrieve the first tablet with the DB I'd like to backup and transfer to the second tablet:

- Installed MSP on the second tablet
- Restored the library from the PC with MSP companion to the second tablet (MSP now). That backup had been made from tablet # 1 (MS) with the MSP companion, with a success statement when finished.
(Restore library with "Default Location" checked)

As hoped for, all MP3s were copied into the /files folder, with their own subfolders (song name).
However, only 70 PDFs of the 1526 made it into those folders, the other 95% aren´t anywhere on the tablet.

When opening one of those 70 in MSP (the others give me the mean grey screen: "file xxx doesn´t exist", which is very true unfortunately), the playback of the MP3 looks ok, but it remains silent.
In the edit mode, Audio Tab, the MP3 CAN be heard, though I have to click the loudspeaker symbol twice first. No matter what I do, in the regular song display mode, no tone is heard.

Conclusion: Backup from MS with Companion MSP and then restore on MSP only works partially and should NOT be done(?)
I would expect that "migraters" intuitively choose this approach though.

The first impression of MSP is excellent, I just need to get the 1450 PDFs into the 1450 folders now...
I will probably wait until tablet 1 returns home and backup (from MS) outside of companion, as you suggested.
Wait a minute, will MSP be happy with that file?

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