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Manual smooth scroll from Mobilesheets is gone
One option would be to utilize the fixed duration scroll speed. The slowest setting is currently 6 seconds. You can try entering a larger value such as 8 or 10 seconds for the fixed duration and see if it meets your needs. This does raise the larger question of whether or not I should adjust the scroll speeds. The problem is that users have already set up their songs with the current scroll speeds, so if I change them, it would potentially mess up their settings. Furthermore, those settings are really designed for scrolling a portion of the page (20-25% typically). It makes sense why scrolling 100% of the page in 6 seconds is too fast. So the only thing that makes sense to me is either to just recommend the fixed duration setting when using 100% of the page, or I would have to scale the scroll time based upon how much of the page is being scrolled. The latter does seem reasonable, but once again, it could potentially mess up songs people have already configured, so I'm hesitant to do it. I'm open to feedback and recommendations.


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