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Version 1.1.9 and companion app 2.0.6 testing
I have a version 1.1.9 of MobileSheetsPro ready for testing as well as version 2.0.6 of the companion app. I have a couple people that have offered to help test the new version, but I wanted to see if anyone else was interested. Please PM me (with an email address) or send me an email at mike@zubersoft.com if you are. I'm going to wait until next weekend to gather any bug reports before releasing it to the public.  I'm hoping to use this thread as place to gather any reports of issues (of which I hope there aren't many). As a side note, I can no longer release a separate beta version for testing as the licensing with the new PDF library won't allow this (without spending a lot of money for an additional license), so that means that anyone who wants to test the new version will have to replace their current version.

Here are the list of changes:

Tablet 1.1.9

- Automatically Load Next Song now works when loading an individual song from a setlist
- The annotations text window now saves its position and only repositions if it overlaps the text box
- Added new batch edit dialog for modifying the metadata of multiple songs at once
- Modifying the page order of a song will no longer cause annotations or link points to change pages, and rotation is now properly maintained.
- The scroll speed now scales with how much of the page is being scrolled when using a pedal
- Modifying a text or chord pro file will no longer cause MobileSheetsPro to clear the settings for that file when it detects the change
- Reduced the minimum allowed size of the crop rectangle so that smaller areas can be selected
- Fixed bug with the long press overlay toggle mode so that it doesn't immediately hide the overlay
- Added ability to export files with annotations, cropping and rotations intact
- Added ability to write out annotations to underlying files permanently. A future update will add the ability to import these back for editing.
- Added support for printing songs and setlists using any print service installed on the device
- Fixed bugs with transposing that could cause the keys to be changed incorrectly (mixing flats and sharps)
- Added support for including settings when creating and restoring backup files
- The song title format now supports a complex syntax that can handle checks for missing fields
- Switched to a new PDF rendering engine
- Pages now keep their original aspect ratio when shrunk by the song overlay
- Zooming now looks better while the pinch zoom is active
- Added the ability to specify values for any group fields on the import dialog
- Adjusted the quality of freeform annotations. It is now possible to insert a single circular dot.
- The two page display will now display the last page of a song by itself when turning two pages at a time and the song has an odd number of pages
- Fixed a number of bugs related to swapping files
- The half page adapter now correctly clears the half page turn state when loading a new song
- A triple tap no longer enters annotation mode when performance mode is enabled
- Fixed chord pro formatting issues when page breaks occur in the middle of a chorus section
- Added support for a Norwegian translation
- Added new options to the find missing file screen. You can now tap to swap, long press to edit and tap the X to delete individual songs
- The tab order dialog now respects the library text size
- Fixed issue with link points not working with certain types of scaling active
- Added code to better handle the device running out of memory

Companion Pro 2.0.6

- Switched to InstallShield installer framework
- Added new custom controls to provide faster text entry for adding, modifying and removing groups
- Added new import feature to handle creating multiple songs at once if more than one file is dragged and dropped
- Added new batch edit dialog to handle modifying the properties and groups of multiple songs at once
- Added new options to add, reorder and remove columns for song lists
- Added new dialog to add, reorder and remove tabs for all of the supported group types
- Updated library backup and restore to handle saving and restoring application settings
- Fixed all bugs with dragging and dropping songs while modifying setlists and other group types.
- Added support for dragging and dropping directories on the batch import dialog.
- Dragging a directory on the main window now loads the batch import dialog.
- Fixed various bugs with the song editor dialog
- Added back options to convert PDFs to images


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