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Version 1.1.9 and companion app 2.0.6 testing
1) file sharing error / possible library corruption risc !!!!!!

I am going to restart this report, based on the information I have now. (see behind strikthrough text)

When selecting a song, choosing /Share  /share files . . .
First the File sharing options are shown, then a message 'File %1$s does not exist' is shown. I have also seen another message stating that the file cannot be found, but I cannot reproduce the appearance of that message for the moment.
UPDATE: the other message is 'export operation failed. Make sure the song is not missing files, restart the application and try again'
UPDATE2. I did a missing file search right after installing 1.1.9. None were found then. Now I just did it again and now it says 678 missing files from 425 songs !!!!
will investigate further and report back
UPDATE3.  Restored library from backup. Did a missing files check. Ok, none were found. Played around a bit with scores (displaying some, cropping, anotating others). Did a new missing files check. Ok, none were found.  Selected a random song,  and choose 'share files' . This time it showed me a window asking for a location for the file. I selected one. Here Mobilesheets frooze. I got 'not responding' window from android and choose wait a couple of times. Finally the tablet rebooted. After that hundreds of files were again missing from the library.
I now remember having this freezing of Mobilesheets before too. Maybe it is causing the missing files? I am pretty sure though I got the 'file does not exist' error mentioned in the beinning of this post before that freeze!

So far I have seen 3 distinct issues with 'Share'

First :
Select a file, choose /Share/Share Files. In some cases, after showing the options, the folowing errormessage is shown 'export operation failed. Make sure the song is not missing files, restart the application and try again'. After this, it is possible to view the score in MSPro and there are no missing files reported.

Select a file, choose /Share/Share Files. In Some cases, no errormessage is shown, but no file is created and MSPro freezes. Android will then show the 'not responding' window. In this situation, MSPro seems to be doing damage to the library, as after canceling the application, there are lots of missing files reported. It seems the score list is damaged in alphabetic sequence. Meaning that the damage happens to the first x songs in the songs tab.

In a situation with missings files, choosing a song, whose score is missing (and cannot be displayed), and then choosing /Share/Share as .msf. Will actually produce an .msf file. I would have expected in error about a missing file here. (have not checked what the msf contains)

2) Dutch translation error

The options in /library setting  /text alignment , are mixed in the dutch translation. They appear in the order
Links     Rechts     Midden      where it should be
Links     Midden    Rechts
MSI Cubi 5 mini pc with IIyama prolite 24" touchscreen-Windows 11, HP Slate 17-Android 4.4.4, iPad Pro 12.9 gen2-iPadOs16
Yamaha Genos, Roland PK-6, Yamaha PSR SX900

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