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v2.1.8 - search not searching all fields
I'm going to need more information. You posted this in a thread referring to the companion app but then mentioned 3.3.1 which is the tablet app version. I just tested on my Android tablet, and searching for a composer while viewing the songs in a collection worked fine - the matching song(s) showed up fine. Searching for a composer while viewing the list of collections will NOT search on any field but the collection title. It's set up this way to avoid conflicts when trying to filter the list of groups based on title. If you match on every song field in every collection while doing this, you will get a ton of potential matches and this could make it extremely difficult to filter the collections by title (which is generally what you are trying to do while searching on a group tab for a particular group by name). So if you want to search just on composer, you can switch the search type to that, and then it will show any collection containing a song that has that composer. This is by design. If users want it to work the other way where you have to explicitly change the search type to "Title" to search for a group name based on title, I can do that, but I believe I was contacted in the past by users who were extremely confused by the behavior because they got so many matches while just trying to filter their setlists, collections, etc by name.


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RE: v2.1.8 - search not searching all fields - by Zubersoft - 11-05-2021, 03:04 PM

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