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Annotations in "night mode"

I logged a bug in Bugzilla that was passed along by a fellow choir member, but I thought it might be worth discussing the issue here, if other users have ideas on the best was to address this. Basically, she noted that annotations added in black in "regular mode" (white screen with black text) became invisible in "night mode". It makes sense to me that this might happen. She also mentioned that colored text/lines were preserved in night mode, but were sometimes not as easy to read (which also makes sense).

I haven't been using night mode, although it occurs to me that I might have a rude awakening if I try it with some of my annotations. I say this because one of my frequent uses of annotations is to draw an opaque white rectangle on an area of the sheet that I want to hide (i.e. if I'm not going to sing or play that part of the music). I am betting that if I display it in night mode, the rectangle will still be white.

I'm not sure how to handle the fact that different colors will be easier/harder to read on a white/black background, but here is my opinion on white & black objects: they should be reversed between regular and night modes. So black text on the regular screen would become white text on the night mode screen, etc. Also, for ease of use, I would let the "white" and "black" color settings in annotation mode be reversed from reality when in night mode (if you follow what I mean). I.e. in night mode, picking "black" would actually draw white text/lines, and picking "white" would draw the background color (i.e. black).

Does this make sense to everyone?
I can invert the colors of the annotations. That shouldn't be too difficult to do.

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