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Display settings for portrait vs landscape modes
If a lot of users would benefit from saving some of those settings per orientation (such as title bar visibility), I can certainly do that, but I'd need to hear from a lot of people, as doing that would completely change the way in which those settings are specified. I couldn't really use the settings screen for them the way I am now as I would probably need a separate dialog with options per orientation on it.

As far as running the bars down the sides of the screen, I believe I could implement this using some open source code that is available to rotate all of the components. Like most changes though, I'm sure there would be a lot of work involved with making sure everything works properly when those bars are placed on the sides of the screen. I would have to change all of the code that animates those bars out when displaying the overlay, for example. So it would help to know there is significant support for this feature as well before anything is changed.


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