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Last song in setlist, display not quite right
I think there is a misunderstanding. 
If the last song in a setlist is made of one page only, that song is not aligned to the top, unlike all the other songs in the setlist. 
And because the last song doesn't use the space at the top it lacks that space at the bottom, means I can't see the last lines of the song, can't even scroll down to make the lines appear. 
This occurs (only) when the display setting "Always show the title bar" is activated. 
I really prefer that setting and wouldn't want to give it up "just" to avoid the described phenomena. 
I'm not inclined to go "past the bottom of the tablet" but I do want to see (and play) the last bit of the last song obviously. 

Possibly related with this: in some setlists, somewhere in the middle, not at the end of the setlist, the next song is shown from the middle of the tablet while the previous song fills the upper half of the tablet. (I then scroll down manually, to see the second half of the first page).
This happens indepently of the display setting "Always show the title bar" but seems to have something to do with "2 pages song following a 1 page song". 

In all cases am I doing a one finger tap in the right part of the screen (to advance to the next song). And everything in portrait mode, needless to say.

The attached setlist should demonstrate what I mean in regards to the "last song phenomena", the last line of the song 1234 is not displayed fully. As mentioned, the title bar is shown, as per display settings.
PS: Samsung P900, in case hardware may have something to do with it.

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RE: Last song in setlist, display not quite right - by Ben - 01-31-2016, 09:32 PM

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