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scrolling tempo
(01-14-2016, 03:49 PM)Zuberman Wrote: I can add more options for the page turn animation speed.  As for using it with the vertical scrolling mode, I would think the automatic scrolling feature would be more useful for that as you can have it scroll continuously to the end of the song at a speed you like.

I agree hat automatic scrolling only makes sense for the vertical scrolling feature. But for me that isn't satisfying yet because it isn't exact enough IMHO when there are repeats, segnos, codas etc.

Maybe if you implement a measure based scrolling/turning feature where you can specifiy how many measures each page has and combine the scrolling with the metronome it will be better for my purpose. Is this similar to what you already have in bugzilla? I was going to suggest it before I noticed the bugzilla entry.

But that's not what I meant with the speed for the manual turning of pages. I just ordered an airturn duo so my attitude might change. But so far I found I cope quite well with turning pages in vertical mode using a free hand (pianist) when there's an occasion in the chart.

MS works fantastic with dragging the page, too, which helps to find the moments to turn/drag the page. My suggestion for the slower scrolling speed was for not losing the focus while the page turns/scrolls and maybe even being able to read and play the measures while they move to the top. So that was intended for manual scrolling/turning and I think it has definitely a use.

Quote:If I save that setting independently for landscape orientation versus portrait, I imagine one setting would probably be fine, right?

Yes, I agree.

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