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Bulk import
I would like to see a bulk import feature in companion that would make it easy to quickly import an entire songbook. I envision something like

1) Select a group of files (or a directory) where each file will be imported to a separate song

2) Choose optional conversion to JPEG

2a) Choose target size for JPEGs (which should be REMEMBERED after I exit companion)

2b) Choose optional automatic trimming of white space from borders

3) Select rule for converting file name to song name (which should be REMEMBERED) after I exit companion. For example, I might name my song files with the format Title - Composer (e.g. Grandfather's Train - Robert Solomon.doc) so there would be an option to make the entire filename (without extension) into the song title or to split it into title and composer with further selections of the delimiting string (e.g. " - ") and whether the title or composer comes first.

4) Enter name of album to import songs to

5) Select other field values (e.g. genre)

6) List of selected files (or all files in selected directory) are imported/converted/sent to tablet.

Related (additional) features:

a) Support converting Microsoft Word .doc and .docx files to JPEG. Useful because my friend's scanning software can output to Word (as well as PDF) and I have the ability to split word docs but not PDFs in order to split the scanned file of the book.

b) Easy clipping of JPEGs (e.g. by dragging borders) -- useful for cutting out extra stuff (e.g. when part of another song is on the same page).
I suggest you look at "pdfsam" for merging, splitting or other manipulation of pdf files and GIMP 2.8 for graphics file editing (both free). I can't see the point of having Mobilesheets try to do everything and in any case, I don't suppose Zuberman has the time.

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