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starting MSP instantly crashes my tablet :-(
Hey Mike (and anyone else listening),

About a week ago, something changed with MSP and/or my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1" (2014 edition) - I have no idea what, but now my tablet instantly hard crashes about 98% of the time when I launch MSP on it.  By hard crash I mean the screen goes blank and then it immediately reboots.  I haven't found any other action on the tablet which has the same effect.  Clearly this is a disastrous situation.  Luckily I don't have any professional gigs in the next few days, but soon it will start to become a big problem.

Obviously Android is partially at fault here - no matter what bugs an Android app has, it should never be able to crash the whole system.  But clearly there's something in MSP which needs to be improved here.

Please can you suggest how can I start to debug this?  I am an experienced software developer with a fairly decent understanding of Android, so hopefully we can collaborate to quickly pin this down.

Thanks a lot! from a rather desperate


I'm really sorry to hear that's happening - the only time I have ever seen that with any of my devices is with a MIDI device hooked up to it. Are you using a MIDI keyboard or is anything else hooked up to the device right now when you experience the crashes?

No, no other devices are connected at all Undecided
Have you done any updates, os or app? If so you might try un-installing those, latest one first. [Settings>Applications>App manager]

I looked around a bit and apparently 5.xx has caused crashes in some devices, if you've upgraded you may want to go back to kitkat.
Dell Latitude 13.5" 2-in-1 Ubuntu/Win 11
Samsung Note Pro SM-P900 12.2 Android 5.0.2
Samsung S7+, Android 12
The only other thing that makes sense would be if all of the tablet RAM was being consumed and the OS crashed as a result. If we can monitor the RAM usage on your tablet when MobileSheetsPro is loaded (or even without it loaded so we can know what the baseline is), that could help to determine what's going on.

It may help to uninstall/reinstall MobileSheetsPro as well, as long as you have a recent backup you can use to restore your library.
Just an update on this - it doesn't always crash instantly after starting MSP, but it seems to happen when I switch from viewing a score to viewing some Android system screen, e.g. by swiping down from the top of the display to get the pull-down panel, or when holding the central hardware button to get to the task switcher. If I instead leave the score first via the hard back button, it seems to avoid the crash. Does that help?

To be clear, no other app suffers from this AFAICS.

Downgrading from 5.xx is not really an option for me, that would be hugely invasive.
That will at least give me a place to start. I'm not sure if I'll have any luck reproducing the problem, but I can at least consider some of the possibilities that occur when switching away from MS Pro to something else.
More info: it still does occasionally crash when opening up MSP (maybe only when it's already in background memory as opposed to a fresh startup, not sure) but it seems I can avoid this by rotating the tablet to landscape first. Very odd! I'll try upgrading my ROM to see if that helps.

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